About Us

At present ECAN has trees branches: In Madrid (Spain), in La Cabrera (Spain) and in Goa (India) where more than 50 patients are getting treatments every day. 

ECAN began as an International Acupuncture School founded in 2003 by Prof. David Luján. He is known worldwide for his courses in; Sri Lanka, Chile, India, Spain, Nepal, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia. South Africa, training more than 2,000 students worldwide and performing approximately 60,000 diagnoses and treatments. Recently, he purchased the Castle property to run this 7-day health retreat to deeply help patients in the West.

 “Every disease has a long chain of previous consequences, that is why it cannot go so quickly, it needs a process of deep personal work. But don´t go back, stay here, move forward to unblock it all”

 In this series of 7-day Health Retreats we have a large number of different therapists to help us, all depending on the previous diagnosis and your needs.

Ecan teachings are based on the remarkable book by Prof. David Lujan: Manual of Natural Acupuncture. From which he was awarded at the 47th World Congress for Complementary Medicine (2009) with the Merit of Excellence.

ECAN is also a member of the International Union of Complementary Medicines – Group 1 / Section 1 / national number 595 281 (Approved by The Hague – European Committee).

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