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For this 7-Day Health Retreat we will have the honor of having the world-known Prof. David Luján, from Spain 

supported by his team of doctors and practitioners.

Dr. Marchante


Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the Autonomous University of Madrid in 1995 – Medical emergencies at Magallanes Medical Center from 1995 to 2007.
– Assessment of Bodily Injury in Ceteval from 1996 to 2005. – Acupuncture Course at the Golden Clover Foundation from 2001 to 2003.
– Ozone Therapy Course 2011.
– Natural Acupuncture Course in 2016.
– PSYCH – K course in 2017.

Ali Almarzouq


Bachelor in Physical Therapy – Dry Needling – Diploma in Acupuncture – ECAN –  Diploma in Fascial Manipulation –  Visceral Manipulation VM1 – Clinical Anatomy Teach more than 100 courses in 12 countries including: Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, Jordan, Spain, England..etc. • Clinical Anatomist with more than 600 Lab/Hours Hands-on Human Dissection in different countries like: England, Scotland, German…etc.

María González


Osteópata, técnico Superior en Masaje Deportivo, Quiromasaje, Nutrición y Master en Terapias Manuales por el instituto ISED de Madrid. – Diplomada en Acupuntura  Natural por la Open University for Complementary Medicne (SriLanka) y por la International School of Acupunture – ECAN y terapeuta autorizada para la realización del exclusivo y novedoso METODO LIPOFLASH DETOX® (LFD),

Antonio Martín


Técnico Especialista en Quiromasaje y titulado en Nutrición por el instituto ISED de Madrid, una de las más prestigiosas escuelas de formación en terapias de la salud y naturales entre otras del país. Diplomado Acupuntura Natural por la Open University for Complementary Medicne (SriLanka) y por la International School of Acupunture – ECAN 

Prof. David Lujan is known worldwide as the founder of Natural Acupuncture, a method of teaching and procedure in alternative medicines.

He has giving courses in; Sri Lanka, Chile, India, Spain, Nepal, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia. South Africa.

Thanks to him we use theories with very effective treatments such as:

· Natural Acupuncture

· The reflective Universe theory.

· The Natural Wheel of Health and Balance

· The Angle theory

· The Tower of Communication

· Main diagnosis throughout the breathing

· Natural Meridians (renamed of all points)

· The definition and work throughout Subconscious (inner organs)

· Subconscious pulse-taking

· The pathological relationships between organs (Sadistic/Masochistic)

David Lujan was recognized in 2016 for his work in India by the Health Minister of Goa.

The author of 8 books published in Spain and all latin america (2 of them are available in english):

– The reflexive Universe: The crazy option rejected by Einstein (published by Almuzara 2006)
– No leadership: foundations for a new order (published by Sepa 2008)
– 101 Oriental teachings for health and balance (published by CCS Editorial 2009)
– Manual of Natural Acupuncture (published by Almuzara 2011)
– The Group Report: your health, your killer ((published by Almuzara 2016)
– Understanding your breathing (published by Almuzara 2019)
– The crystal pentagon (published by Daurio 2020)
– The Radiant Medicine (published by Almuzara 2024)

The starting point: 

Prof. David Lujan obtained a psychologist degree from the Autonomy University of Madrid (Spain).

Also, he undertook several studies at:


  • The Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, University of Amsterdam (Holland) 
  • Griffith University (Australia)
  • National University of Ireland, Maynooth (Ireland) 

In 2001, he moved to Sri Lanka where he met Prof. Sri Anton Jayasuriya. For a long time professor, Lujan worked by his side in his two clinics in Colombo (Sri Lanka) providing acupuncture treatment free of charge to about 150 patients a day.

Jayasuriya passed away in 2005. In his 47 years of practice in Acupuncture, 3.8 million patients were treated in his clinics, with such amazing results he got the attention of the world.

“Prof David Lujan is more than a friend, is a son, he is the number one”         (Anton Jayasuriya 2003)

When David Lujan moved back to his country and started working with Western patients, he was forced to change the standards for diseases that were ruling in the East. From the roots of these intensive experiences, he originated these new methods that brought up Natural Acupuncture.

Prof. David Lujan, as the founder of ECAN School of Acupuncture, was awarded at the 47th World Congress for Complementary Medicine (2009) with the Merit of Excellence: for his career of teaching and his profound contributions to Traditional Chinese Medicine, making grow Prof. Anton Jayasuriya’s work and for the creation of new important methods for the good of all patients.

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