The ultimate goal of our 7-day program is not only to improve your specific health problems, but also to provide all patients with tools for their maintenance. The entire program is designed with the intention that you learn to move forward in your daily life.


After completing the 7-day program:

For this reason all the lectures throughout the week focus on this objective, providing you with motivation, knowledge and power to solve your personal problems, with yourself, with others, in our current society.

We will send you by email all the reports and advice we have obtained together, so that you can continue with your treatment at home. Natural remedies such as herbs, diets, exercises, but most important all the insights and understandings that will guide you towards the behavior that can make a different.
Only with this cointinuations your health issues can be definitively controlled.

We are committed to follow up after the program, please contact us to tell us how things are going, it is important the reinforcements on real situation.

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